Little Green Riding Hood
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Little Green Riding Hood is a unique, healthy and delicious Medical Marijuana Edibles bakery located in Denver, Colorado. Our unique bakery specializes in strain specific, ailment appropriate sweet and savory edibles.

Little Green Riding Hood is committed to supplying hand selected medical marijuana to Dispensaries using only all natural, health motivated extraction techniques and strain specific ingredients. LGRH will continue to research and improve our products to bring the most beneficial results to all MMJ patients and reinvest in the study of better techniques to use for everyone with future needs, both physical and psychological.

About Little Green Riding Hood

My name is Heather Jacobson, and I am the sole owner-operator of Little Green Riding Hood. I have worked as the compliance officer for a Medical Marijuana OPC, overseeing the new regulations from the Colorado Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division. During this time I became immensely aware of Colorado's Medical Marijuana laws and the ever-changing status of this business. I am committed to the patients and the dispensaries which serve them. If there are issues, concerns or suggestions she would be happy to address them directly and promptly.

Goods Menu

TW Truffles: These light, all organic chocolate ball of love is a great treat day or night. $7 for a package of 3 (Photo to come)

MJ Muffins: This treat takes the unique flavor of marijuana and compliments it with savory pumpkin and spices. $6 per mini-muffin (Photo to come)

LA Pesto: I take fresh ingredients blend them together with marijuana infused olive oil for a completely discrete treat. $8 for a squeezable tube of pesto and 2 handmade crackers (Photo to come)

All products are sold wholesale directly to dispensaries. I will also do catering; please contact me for more information.


To inquire about businesses that sell Little Green Riding Hood or to become a distributor, please contact me via email.


Phone: 720-989-7147